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BCRMTA 2023 Canada Music Week Festival Award Results

Congratulations students for your outstanding achievements!

BCRMTA 2023 Canada Music Week Festival Award Results

Elementary Scholarship Winner:  Leon Qiu

Junior Scholarship Winner:  Eugenie Cao

Intermediate Scholarship Winner:  Aaron Chen

Intermediate Scholarship Runner-up:  Melody Zhu

Senior Scholarship Winner:  Matthew Cheung

Senior Scholarship Runner-up:  Jake Wong


Tom Lee Gift Card Winners

Level 1:  Menghan Shi

Level 3:  Leon Qiu

Level 5:  Eugenie Cao

Level 6:  Allison Pan

Level 8:  Victor Xiang Shui

Level 9:  Aaron Chen, Melody Zhu

Level 10:  Alexis Pan

Level 11:  Jake Wong

Level 12:  Matthew Cheung


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